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Food raised with biology, not chemicals!


We are Orion and Mandy Deters, the folks behind Family Farm and Homestead. Here's a little background to our story:


In 2014, we began the adventure of converting our conventional family farm to organic and have not looked back!  Oh, the amazing things we've learned along the way...  Farming is fun again!  We've learned that while we don't raise traditional livestock, we are actually raising countless beneficial microbes in our soil by farming organically! Although, we haven't named them all, we appreciate each and every one as they are what make our crops happy and healthy!

In 2023, we raised 4 crops that are very complimentary in rotation; hard red winter wheat, hard red spring wheat, oats, and corn, for both human and livestock consumption. There's much more to say about biological farming and if you're interested, click here  to learn more!


In addition to organic farming, a passion that drives us is that we simply love to eat! Who doesn't? With a natural love of rich and wholesome foods, we added organically-raised starter plants, egg-laying chickens, maple syrup (and sometimes honey bees...). to our homestead lives! We use a lot of what we raise and grow ourselves to make some very tasty meals. Here are some great recipes from our homestead to yours!

If you enjoy good and clean food as much as we do, keep clicking through to learn more about our homestead, farm, and the goods we have to offer. Also, if you'd like to know where to find us click here


The Deters





Hard Red Winter  and Spring Wheat

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